PAN Card Grievances

With thousands of individuals/entities applying for a PAN on a regular basis, there are chances for errors to creep in, errors which often go unseen. The government, in a bid to improve services has dedicated resources to handle grievances associated with PAN, ensuring that there are minimal errors and no one is impacted due to such issues.

Common grievances associated with PAN

6 reasons why a PAN card is essential when it comes to tax are listed below.

While grievances might vary from individual to individual, there are certain grievances which can be considered common to most, as highlighted below.

  • Incorrect name on PAN card – It is possible, either due to human error or technical issues to have an incorrect or mismatched name on the PAN card. Reporting this is critical as a PAN card is an accepted ID proof across the country.
  • PAN card and Permanent Account Number not received even after submitting the application – There are chances for the PAN card to be misplaced or delivered to the wrong address. Failure to receive the information even after a few weeks should lead to reporting this.
  • Permanent Account Number received but card not received – Delays can arise while posting the PAN card of an applicant and it is common for people to wait long periods to get their cards.
  • Wrong photo on PAN card – A PAN card with the wrong photo would not serve its purpose as an identification tool.
  • Returned undelivered – There are chances for an applicant to miss the delivery of his/her PAN card, in which case it is returned to the authorities as undelivered. The relevant authority should be intimated in such cases.
  • Other mistakes – Some of the other grievances include wrongly spelt father’s name, wrong communication address, date of birth, etc. All such mistakes should be duly brought to the notice of relevant authorities.

Grievance control mechanism for PAN

The government has put in place a grievance control mechanism specially dedicated to PAN, in a bid to solve issues faster and provide a streamlined process for people to voice their PAN related problems. This is an online portal, which can be accessed through the Income Tax Department website ( This portal has provisions to address different types of PAN grievances. One can also log onto the official website of TIN-NSDL and register a complaint on their page by providing their basic information (name, address, contact number, etc.) and their grievance/problem.

Procedure to voice PAN related grievance

Individuals who are facing an issue with their PAN can do so by logging on to the official website of the Income Tax department and navigating to the PAN grievances section. Once on this page, they need to follow a few simple steps to register their grievance.

  • Choose the nature of complaint (PAN not received, wrong name, etc.)
  • Enter the receipt number/Permanent Account Number (if available)
  • Choose the agency through which it was applied (NSDL or UTIISL)
  • Fill in personal details like name, father’s name, date of birth, address and phone number
  • Share your e-mail id for correspondence from officials
  • Enter the date when you applied for PAN
  • Enter the grievance in detail or any additional remarks/comments related to a particular issue

Status of your PAN grievance

Post submitting a grievance, an individual will be provided with a complaint/coupon number which can be used to check the status of his/her PAN related problem. One can log onto the official website for PAN grievances, to check the current status. They will have to enter the complaint/coupon number or the permanent account number in order to have access to the present status of their problem.