PAN Card Mistakes to Avoid

Being an important document of national value, the PAN card application has to be filled with great care in order to avoid mistakes. Sometimes in spite of the precautions taken, certain errors tend to occur.

Some Common Mistakes that can be avoided are mentioned below:

  • Incorrect Signature

    Signature is one of the crucial parts of your PAN application form. Avoid these mistakes for speedy acceptance. There are two places where the applicant will be required to sign

    • Sign it across the photo on the left.
    • The photo to be affixed on right side should not be larger than the space provided, thus leaving ample amount of space for signature.

    Signing anywhere outside these two allotted places can result in an error which needs to be rectified.

  • Scanned copies of photos

    The PAN card application form requires two passport sized photos to be affixed. Many a time, people tend to attach scanned copies of their photos, which is a mistake. Scanned photos are not clear and may make identification of the applicant very difficult. Hence, only original photos should be attached in the form.

  • Signing in Blue Ink

    It has been strictly mentioned that the Signature must be done using Black ink; still many people do not adhere to the rules and sign the form with different colors such as blue, red, and even pink sometimes! Always ensure that you use Black ink while filling the form to avoid any delays in receiving the PAN card.

  • Using Initials

    Are you one of them who have got initials in their names? Than be aware! It is important to note that Income Tax Department does not accept initials of your name. Instead they prefer you to mention your full name.

Multiple PAN Penalties

A person cannot hold more than one PAN. A penalty of Rs. 10,000/- is liable to be imposed under section 272B of the Income-tax Act, 1961 for having more than one PAN. If a person has been allotted more than one PAN then he should immediately surrender the additional PAN card(s) to your Assessing Officer giving details of all the PANs allotted.